Kid's Menu

Beacon Landing offers more than just fine waterfront dining for you and your friends. Families are welcome! And there's a fun kids' menu to show it. These menu items are specially sized and priced to suit for kids under the age of 12. Come in and have a relaxing waterfront meal with the whole family. Your seaside table awaits.

Chicken Tenders: white chicken tenders served with salad, raw veggies, or french fries
Two Mini Burgers: salad, raw veggies or french fries
Pasta: tomato or cheese sauce
  a meatball
Salad: caesar or mixed greens
Taco Time: corn tortilla, spicy beef, shredded lettuce, lime juice, salsa, grated cheese
Fish and Chips: served with coleslaw and french fries
Pizza: home made thin crust pizza, cheese or pepperoni
Ice Cream: choice of caramel, chocolate, or strawberry topping on vanilla ice cream

Drinks - (Free with a meal)

  • milk
  • root beer
  • pepsi
  • 7 up
  • orange soda
  • strawberry lemonade
  • orange juice
  • apple juice

childrens chicken tenders 

childrens mini burgers

childrens fish and chips 

Our menu is Celiac friendly.
There is something for everyone at Beacon Landing.

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